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Rambling of the Day: Political Chicken

29 Jul

According to Fox news, Dan Cathy told the Baptist Press that the company was “guilty as charged” for backing “the biblical definition of a family.” In a later radio interview, he ratcheted up the rhetoric: “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.'”

I know that in light of the numbers of other serious issues facing the country at this critical time, a scandal surrounding a fast food chain seems low on the priority list of things to worry about. However, I find in this event a far more frightening issue than can be seen in the petty surface arguments being posed by both sides of the political arena. Allow me onto my soapbox for a moment.

Dan Cathy is a business owner. His business, although clearly one with a Christian foundation, is a fast food restaurant chain. The restaurant itself does not discriminate against anyone based on sexual orientation. They sell chicken. They do not ask what your sexual preferences are before they sell you a Number Two Deluxe Combo with American cheese. I’m there quite often and I assure you I have never experienced such treatment. In fact, the only thing weird about Chick-fil-A seems to be how much better it is than its competitors. There were complimentary diapers and feminine products in the restroom the last time I went! So please, Mr. Maza of Equality Matters, explain to me how you could possibly so maliciously accuse Chick-fil-A, as a company, as being “closely aligned with some of the most vicious anti-gay voices in the country” (Associated Press). I’m sorry, but have I stepped out of my American home into the propaganda-filled society of a pro-censorship, socialist nation? Or is this deceitful word vomit actually being accepted by the people of this country?

Dan Cathy, and myself, for that matter, never confessed to being homophobic, murderous hatemongers. Cathy merely defended his belief in the biblical concept of a family – AKA, one man married to one woman. It amazes, disgusts, and bewilders me that a person cannot defend his own beliefs in this country without being ripped to shreds by the liberal media, which is all too eager to shamelessly exploit his personal beliefs for its own failing political agenda.

I have wanted to be a journalist since I first learned of freedom of the press, back when we said the Pledge of Allegiance proudly first thing in the morning, and no one stood in active silence during the words “under God.” When I was younger, the beautiful but naïve notion that the press was this honest, uncensored watchdog over the nation, keeping it constantly accountable, filled me with the desire to be a part of it. I look upon it now and am increasingly saddened by the reality that it is not quite so noble. It is devastating to an aspiring journalist to realize that there are members of this profession that not only fail to uphold their responsibility as the nation’s watchdog, but actually detest the freedoms that the United States was founded upon.

I am ashamed at the political leaders in this nation who are aiding in the bullying of Cathy and his company. The mayor of Boston is not only un-American in his denouncement of Chick-fil-A, but he is also a foolish individual who does not know what he is “taking a stand” against. His words to Cathy are “There is no place for discrimination on Boston’s Freedom Trail and no place for your company alongside it” (Associated Press). There is no place in this free country for the intolerance of a person’s religious beliefs, Mr. Mayor. Discrimination is not the issue, as it is so often not these days, with those with an agenda constantly citing it to deflect from the main issue – the true issue, the one that is burrowing deep into the core of this country’s founding principles. That issue is our freedom. And I am not referring to the freedom from discrimination, like the mayor of Boston, Equality Matters, and the Muppets would have us believe. There is so much freedom from discrimination in this country that it has become a reverse problem! We give rights to illegal immigrants, allow threats from the Black Panthers to go unpunished, and defend the despicable leadership record of our own president in our attempts to provide freedom from discrimination. Clearly, discrimination is not the issue in this country. There is an attack on our personal liberties being waged by the most dangerous assailants within our borders – our government and (pardon the watchdog pun) its bitch, the media.

What’s with the blog title?

26 Jul

“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” – Henry Ward Beecher

After coming up with several, similarly goofy titles for this blog, I finally decided on The Unlimited Mom. The idea is not to set myself up on a pedestal as the amazing do-it-all mom, because obviously that would be quite farfetched. I do, however, want the title to reflect the point I’d like to get across with this blog – moms can make their dreams a reality, just as anyone else can. We may have children, but we also have dreams, ambitions, goals, and desires. We have ideas and opinions that matter, and we have the will and the means to see them put into action. We may have to put some things on hold for our kids, but that does not mean we pound our  dreams out of our heads in the meantime. We have to hold onto those things we believe in, lest we deprive the world of our intellect and ability.

I hope that in some way my words will help to inspire mothers who, like myself, have had to rearrange some of their dreams for the good of their children. My aim is to discuss all kinds of issues that pertain to moms, ranging from political and social issues we should be aware of, to personal, relatable stories about my life with my daughter. Thanks for reading!

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