Rambling of the Day: Racial coding and other things you didn’t know existed

18 Aug

Okay, so I’m biased in my picture choice. I’m allowed to be; this is a blog, not the mainstream media… (caution: loaded with sarcasm, take with a grain of salt).

I apologize for doing yet another political post, but I am entirely too fired up about everything that has been happening recently. I believe I am at that point where I have so much to think and talk about that I’m going to implode and sound like an ignorant buffoon if I don’t settle down and take on one thing at a time.

We all know about double standards in politics. We find politicians saying things that go against their alleged beliefs; we see them doing things they once condemned others for doing. But I am sick, tired, disgusted, and downright infuriated at the loathsome, filthy double standards the current president’s supporters and regime drones have decided to use as the basis of their campaign.

By now we’ve all heard genius Joe Biden’s comments that Romney wants to put people “back in chains,” an announcement he made to a mixed-race crowd in Virginia. Biden alleged that Romney’s plan to allow banks to operate on their own terms would unleash Wall Street and… what was that phrase again, Mr. Vice President? Oh, yes – “PUT Y’ALL BACK IN CHAINS!”

Now, the vice president can say whatever he wants, in my opinion. He can continue to dig a nice, comfortable political grave for his partner and himself, for all I care. But I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT from the media when his stupidity backlashes on him. If Romney wants to truthfully respond to the obvious, gaping wounds Biden has decided to self-inflict, get over it. (In case all of this is new news to you, Romney finally took the offensive against the VP’s nonsensical accusation, saying, “This is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like… take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.”) Obama and his campaign are trying to use divisive language to get people to fear and hate Romney and secure a fear-driven vote for themselves. Romney is only one of millions of us that see this happening, and he has every right to point it out. If the media doesn’t want to shed light on the fact that the Obama campaign is race baiting and attempting to cause race and class warfare so that they can secure another four years flying in Air Force One, then someone has to. That someone may as well be the person with the only chance of taking Obama’s power away.

So what happens when a conservative calls the vice president out for his racial remarks? Oh, it’s just too predictable, but I’ll go ahead and recap in case you haven’t heard or guessed yet. MSNBC’s “The Cycle” host Touré (does this guy thing he’s a pop star or something? Just Touré? Like just Madonna, or just Cher? Yeah, okay, buddy) has accused Romney of “racial coding,” for his response after Biden’s gaffe. Touré argued, “He’s really trying to use racial coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man.” Racial coding. Is it similar to Morse Code, I wonder? I don’t know – I’ve yet to receive my official racial decoder from my secretive, conspiring group of fellow conservatives; perhaps Touré can help me get my hands on one because I am certainly not a fluent racial decoder. And just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, Touré throws in the fact that this is “niggerization… You are not one of us, you are like the scary black man that we’ve been trained to fear.”

I’m sorry, but this man invents his own racist term and definition, and somehow we are the racists? If ever a news station made a mistake in hiring a television show host… but I digress.

Obama’s campaign is an angry campaign. It is one that will stop at nothing to destroy its opponent, because there is no other way it can win. There is no hope, no change, no promise for a better future. There are only excuses for failure, lies about the future, and hateful slander against anyone standing in the way of their governmental wrecking ball. There is nothing racist about pointing this out. It has nothing to do with whether Obama is white, black, purple, or yellow. Skin color is irrelevant at this point. I’m sure there will still be people who will vote for Obama solely because he is a black man (who’s the racist at that point?) but, let’s be real, most of us are way past that. The comments of his own vice president and supporters are quickly spiraling his campaign downward, and their only hope for victory lies in their unconditional, unwavering support of the media.

I’ve written before on the dishonesty of the mainstream media. It is no longer the nation’s watchdog; in fact it has become more like a trained police dog. Just visualize it and you’ll know what I mean – the officer has the dog smell whatever he needs it to find, and the dog goes sniffing around the high school lockers until he finds the one with the bag of marijuana hidden underneath a geometry book. Fresh-out-of liberal-university journalists come to MSNBC and are given a big whiff of “conservative” and told, “Go, dog, go!” And they do! And the result is evident in what have come to be considered relevant attacks on anyone on the right trying to oppose the Obama posse.  It is despicable and irresponsible, and it is not journalism.


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