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Rambling of the Day: A new way to get to two-thirds

11 Sep

I want to leave behind partisan politics for a moment and discuss an issue that affects every person of this nation. It is a problem for both parties and it is an unpatriotic, unjust approach being taken by the GOP and the Democrats. What I’m referring to is the unwillingness of the establishment to even recognize dissent among it own members, let alone do something about it.

It isn’t something one party can throw in the face of the other, either, because both parties are completely guilty of it! If you haven’t seen these videos, take a few minutes to watch as both parties completely ignore the opinions of their own members at both the DNC and the RNC.


Regardless of whether or not I believe God should be in the Democratic platform, and regardless of whether or not I think people are wasting their efforts and votes on a candidate that cannot realistically win a presidential race, this is wrong. When I first saw these videos, I really could not believe my own eyes and ears. They have to be joking! The leaders of these conventions should be ashamed at themselves for their blatant disregard for the obvious opinion of the people. Our government is a government for and by the people – this is nothing new. The opinion of the people is to direct the action of the government, not the other way around. In front of the entire country, these establishments have shown total disrespect for democracy and for the will of the people to reign supreme.

I understand that this election is truly a battle between two starkly different ideologies. It will determine which of two extremely different paths this country will take. BUT. BUT BUT BUT this does not excuse these parties from doing what is right and just, especially at their own conventions! Americans will not tolerate such treatment from the people we employ as our public servants. We will not be trampled over so the parties can play their game without interruption. Our voices are the ones that matter, and if we want to interrupt, take something out, put something in, or whatever, they had better let us.

I urge all who are disturbed by these events, Democrat and Republican alike, to not shy away from voicing your disgust at this unabashed display of contempt for our rights as the people. Americans have revolution running through their veins, and we can feel it under our skin when the corruption of our government is running too rampart for our tolerance.

Rambling of the Day: What women want

9 Sep

If I realized anything new from the DNC (and I mean new and factual… so not including information like Republicans will take away the right to vote, kill Medicare, and destroy the country from the inside out) it is that there truly is a war on women being waged in this country. However, it is not the war the some of our leaders and media would have us believe it is. I heard ad nauseum throughout the convention of the fictional war against women being fought from the right – the war in which our freedoms and natural rights as women are being attacked, in which we are somehow the meek little sufferers of a terrible fate being carved for us.

The truth is that American women went through suffrage nearly a century ago. We claimed our rights as citizens, and as such have been given the rights and responsibilities that once were only given to men. And now here we stand in 2012, begging to be taken care of like we want to go back to where we started. We claim that freedom requires we be handed things for free – medical coverage, contraception, abortion. Is that really what we deserve, or what’s more, want, as women? We want government to take the place of what used to be the male role in our lives? Let’s think about where we were before suffrage. The role of women was mainly domestic, and our men were expected to provide for us, take care of our needs, and make our important decisions, in our lives and in the voting booth. But that was not what we wanted. We wanted equality. We wanted the freedom to make our decisions and to voice our opinions to our government. We wanted it to be acceptable for a woman to make it on her own, to decide for herself if domesticity was her desire, or if perhaps she wanted to make a career for herself first or instead.

And it happened. We live in a country where a woman can be absolutely anything. What an amazing and beautiful thing that is… which is why I want to know why the people with power and influence in this country want to shove us back through the door we fought so hard to break through. Somehow they’ve got it in their heads that a lot of us are just so stupid we will believe anything they say, and so scared of the possibility their claims are true that we’ll shrink into our mouse holes and vote them back into office, so they can continue to enact their reckless policies and wage war against our intelligence. They think we are all so wrapped up in the idea that our rights as women to do what we want with our bodies is so crucial, and so in danger of being violated, that we will cast our vote solely on this idea, forgetting about anything else that might be an issue. They think that if they pound these thoughts into our heads enough, with enough fervor and urgency, that we will cave, we must cave, because we are women! Women have an obligation to defend their rights, so they will have to vote in favor of those who will defend their rights… right?

But what rights are we talking about here? The DNC’s pride and joy, the mighty Sandra Fluke, says it’s about our right to free contraceptives and abortions under any circumstance. (She babbled a string of slander for five minutes; these are just highlights). But is it? Is that really what we are fighting for, what is being taken away from us? Pelosi, my other favorite speaker, says it’s about the right to no longer be a “pre-existing condition,” just by being a woman. Perhaps this is it, the war we need to be fighting. Seems legitimate – women sure do get charged more for men when it comes to health insurance. They’re right, this is a war! Let’s completely overhaul private sector health insurance as we know it – demolish it! – and let the almighty government take control of it. That will solve the problem, make us equal with men, and end the war.

I have news for these people, these under-estimators of women who think they can shove their policies down our throats by feeding us a spoonful of fear every chance they get: We are not that stupid. We understand there is a war happening here, and it is a war on our values, our intelligence, and our freedom. It is a war where those who are attacking us do it under the guise of being our defenders and our spokespeople. Well, I will not be spoken for by Sandra Fluke, advocator of free contraception, free and uninhibited abortions, and government-run health care. I will not be spoken for by Nancy Pelosi, whose vehement lies about a “Republican assault on women’s health” are enough to make any woman with a brain queasy. These are not my values, and that does not make me anti-female rights or unpatriotic. I simply know the difference between having my rights and freedoms as a woman, and being a woman who gets things for free.

Women fought hard for their freedoms in this country. They did not fight hard for other people to take care of them. The freedoms they fought for were freedoms that would allow them to think and act for themselves – to be more independent, not less. The women who struggled for equality were not gold-diggers, wanting to rely on men to hand things to them and tell them what to believe. But Sandra Fluke claims she is standing up for the rights these women fought for… as she holds out her hand to the government, demanding free birth control. Sandra, you are barking up the wrong tree. Our government is no old, wealthy man with unlimited funds to make you happy. If you want someone to take care of you, I suggest you find yourself a J. Howard Marshall and stop blabbering your senseless scare-tactics at the women of this country.

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