Rambling of the Day: A new way to get to two-thirds

11 Sep

I want to leave behind partisan politics for a moment and discuss an issue that affects every person of this nation. It is a problem for both parties and it is an unpatriotic, unjust approach being taken by the GOP and the Democrats. What I’m referring to is the unwillingness of the establishment to even recognize dissent among it own members, let alone do something about it.

It isn’t something one party can throw in the face of the other, either, because both parties are completely guilty of it! If you haven’t seen these videos, take a few minutes to watch as both parties completely ignore the opinions of their own members at both the DNC and the RNC.


Regardless of whether or not I believe God should be in the Democratic platform, and regardless of whether or not I think people are wasting their efforts and votes on a candidate that cannot realistically win a presidential race, this is wrong. When I first saw these videos, I really could not believe my own eyes and ears. They have to be joking! The leaders of these conventions should be ashamed at themselves for their blatant disregard for the obvious opinion of the people. Our government is a government for and by the people – this is nothing new. The opinion of the people is to direct the action of the government, not the other way around. In front of the entire country, these establishments have shown total disrespect for democracy and for the will of the people to reign supreme.

I understand that this election is truly a battle between two starkly different ideologies. It will determine which of two extremely different paths this country will take. BUT. BUT BUT BUT this does not excuse these parties from doing what is right and just, especially at their own conventions! Americans will not tolerate such treatment from the people we employ as our public servants. We will not be trampled over so the parties can play their game without interruption. Our voices are the ones that matter, and if we want to interrupt, take something out, put something in, or whatever, they had better let us.

I urge all who are disturbed by these events, Democrat and Republican alike, to not shy away from voicing your disgust at this unabashed display of contempt for our rights as the people. Americans have revolution running through their veins, and we can feel it under our skin when the corruption of our government is running too rampart for our tolerance.


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