Rambling of the Day: Our naked emperor

5 Oct

Blame it on Obama not watching enough MSNBC to know what the talking points are for slandering Romney.
Or blame it on Romney being too aggressive and not bowing down to the president.
Or take it from Al Gore and blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-altitude.

The left will look anywhere but in the mirror for the answer to why the leader of the free world bumbled and fumbled around the debate stage Wednesday night. But no matter how fiercely they try to create excuses for this latest debacle, a huge chunk of the blame for this tragedy of a performance rests on the shoulders of the lazy, sloppy, irresponsible mainstream media – a media that has allowed the president to go five years without be challenged or forced to stand up to opposition.

They have sugar-coated his interviews, covered only the stories that have fit into their specific agenda, and have allowed him to go five years without being vetted or challenged in any way. And if anyone tries to do their job for them, what happens? Where’s your birth certificate? Paranoid racists! College transcripts? Conspiracy theory racists! Your affiliation with Reverend Wright? Redneck extremist racists!

Well, it serves you right, folks. You have bred yourself a naked emperor, and now you are surprised that he has no clue how to react when someone points at him and asks where his clothes are.

And the other reason Obama failed in epic proportions Wednesday? Well, for those of us that know the real Obama, we are not surprised. The only thing that surprises us is that he did not make more of an attempt to mask who he is with the excuses we have been so accustomed to hearing from his administration. Left to his own devices, Obama is clueless as to how to defend his extreme socialist agenda in a way that sounds like it embraces capitalism. The few times he did try to make a clear point, he couldn’t help but insert his favorite phrases like “fair share” and “ladders of opportunity.” Obama truly would have been more successful in the debate if he would have come out and told Romney, “Fine, you got me. I’m a socialist!” – because at least then he would have spoken with some conviction.

Obama could not defend his position and show his love for the American way because these things are not in his heart. Romney clearly showed us his heart for America, through his strong desire to put Americans back to work and to defend the entrepreneurs and hard workers of this country. He sounded sincere because he is sincere. Obama stuttered and looked down and smirked childishly because he is not sincere about these issues. His heart was not in this debate because he does not believe in the American way the way Romney views it. He doesn’t like capitalism, he doesn’t understand the significance of small business, and he despises the success that comes from the traditional methods of hard work.

Without the assistance of the teleprompter, or the crew of MSNBC dictating the direction of his responses, Obama has no idea how to defend his radical agenda. Without a crowd to stir, faced only with the task of speaking honestly about what he stands for, he has no edge. He can come out the following day, away from the heat of his opponent’s gaze, and call him a liar to a crowd of adoring fans. And he can get away with it there, where no one is pressuring him to be honest or drilling him with the tough questions. He’s a community organizer – that’s what he understands and that’s where he can function comfortably.

In a few weeks, we will see what the American people will allow to prevail. We will see where the heart of the American people lies, and whether they will continue to allow Obama to go on being emperor, regardless of how embarrassed they are of his nakedness.


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