Rambling of the Day: Where is the outrage?

12 Oct

I am not going to go into length over last night’s Vice Presidential debate. I will say that I thought Biden did better than expected, although he could not hold back from his Chicago style tactics of bullying, slandering, and laughing condescendingly at his opponent. Ryan held his own and said the important things that needed to be said, and he didn’t get worn down by the seasoned political bully.

I want to focus on one specific detail about the debate that may have been overlooked, which occurred in the first few minutes, when the attack in Benghazi was brought up. A lot of things Biden did angered me, but nothing boiled my blood more than to hear the vice president adamantly deny, once again, the Obama administrator’s responsibility in what happened. Last night he told the American people: “We weren’t told they wanted more security. We did not know they wanted more security there.”

This is an outright lie – one that insults the intelligence of the American people and disrespects those who died in Benghazi last month, including our ambassador to Libya. It has been confirmed that Chris Stevens and others at this embassy had asked for and been denied additional security in Libya.

“One cable, written by then Amb. Gene Cretz, noted that three Mobile Security Detachments [MSD], consisting of 18 personnel, and the Site Security Team [SST], consisting of 16 personnel, were about to leave their temporary assignments. He said that the Libya mission needed both an extension of those forces and an increase in the number of permanent security officials in Libya.” – Foreign Policy Magazine

And why were these requests denied?

“Lamb defended her decision not to extend the missions of the MSD and SST teams, arguing that the mission of those teams had changed and that in any case they were replaced by local Libyan security personnel. The post had agreed that having only three diplomatic security agents in Benghazi was sufficient, she claimed.”

Obviously the denied requests for increased security were foolish decisions. But instead of recognizing this and apologizing, the administration sends Joe Biden out in front of the American people to obstinately deny that it even happened. After locking Biden up for six days and stuffing him full of debate prep, no one thought it would be a good idea for him to tell the truth about this? This is a scandal of historic proportions – made worse by the fact that the media is refusing to call the administration out on it.

I’m just baffled as to why we are hearing no outrage over this. It is not simply that requests for security were denied the good members of our embassy. It is also the fact that the administration, for a good two weeks after the attack, continued to lie to the American people and call the attack a “spontaneous” one, spurred by anger over an anti-Muslim video made by an American. We now know that one day after the attack, intelligence showed that this was a premeditated act of terror. So, why, for two weeks, did the president and his surrogates continue to perpetuate the false narrative that some stupid video was to blame? A video that the attackers in Benghazi likely did not even see? Why did he stand in front of the United Nations, two whole weeks after the attack, and continue to expand upon a narrative that had already been proven false?

The answer is clear. The administration has been desperately trying to cover up the fact that terrorism has not been eliminated by the death of Osama bin Laden. They refused to admit, weeks after intelligence proved it was a premeditated attack, that it was an act of terror. Because admitting that terrorism took the lives of our ambassador and three others at our embassy is admitting that the administration’s weak foreign policy is failing. It is admitting that their own foolish denial for increased security to our public servants abroad is to blame for the death of these four Americans. It is admitting failure – something these politicians refuse to do under any circumstance, no matter how obvious failure is.

It is time for a change. Americans deserve to be told the truth. We are no longer interested in being fed the lies of this administration, especially in a way that disrespects our citizens whose lives were taken due to these failed policies. It is time to hold these people accountable for the weakened state of our national security, and the miserable “diplomacy” policies of constantly apologizing for America, instead of stepping up to our position of global leadership.


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