Rambling of the Day: The word on the street – integrity

24 Oct

It’s taken me a while to decide which aspect of the debate I wanted to ramble about, and I’ve decided I don’t want to really nitpick the debate. I want to look at one specific aspect of the campaign that I believe is the prime reason for this huge surge occurring in Romney’s favor right now. That element is integrity.

It’s a word that doesn’t come up much on the far left, because it isn’t a campaign strategy. It isn’t in the code of Chicago style politics. But it is something that the American people are waking up to. It is something many of us have cared about all along, and something that more and more people are realizing Obama lacks and Romney lives by.

Romney is not just a good politician. He’s not just a successful businessman. He is a good person. Nothing that the Obama smear campaign has come up with against him has carried any weight. The latest attack from Obama is that Romney hates Detroit. He wanted the car business to go bankrupt. Obama bases this idea on an article Romney wrote in 2008, which spells out the dangers of a total government takeover of GM. It does not say GM should die a horrible death. It explains the process of bankruptcy and how much better the auto industry will be if it goes through it.

“Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check.” (Mitt Romney, NY Times article. Read it all here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/19/opinion/19romney.html?_r=0).

In the last foreign policy debate, Romney showed the country that he is respectful, presidential, and honest. He showed that he could take the slanderous attacks from his opponent and not let the petty personal remarks get under his skin. Now, throughout the debate, I personally wanted to just scream in Obama’s face for all the lies, drastic extensions of the truth, and outright disrespectful condemnations he was spewing at his opponent.  But that’s why Romney is up there and I will never be. He showed over and over again that he could blow off the outrageous allegations from the president about his own ideas and come back strong, without calling the president a liar. The Obama campaign has no problem coining stupid terms like “Romnesia” to bad-talk the Republican candidate, but Romney’s refuses to be so petty. I laughed several times during this debate because Obama continuously ignored questions about his policies in order to point out why Romney was wrong on his stance on an issue. News flash, Mr. President: Mitt Romney is the challenger, not the incumbent. You should be more worried about defending your decisions than trash talking Romney’s opinions. I suppose your own record is something you have to avoid as a candidate, when that record is stained with incompetence and failure. As Romney stated so smartly in the debate, “Attacking me is not an agenda.”

Romney’s integrity has been seen throughout the campaign. When Harry Reid made the insane assertion that Romney was a tax cheat, what did he do in response? He released his tax records. And for those of us who understand the tax code, what he paid was perfectly legal. Oh, and by the way, besides not being a tax cheat, we also learned through these records how generous Romney is. Thirty percent of his income was given to charity. Romney has nothing to hide. If only we could say the same about Obama, who can’t even provide his college transcripts for the people who elected him. What’s there to hide?

But all of that just is not enough for some people. Many still want to claim Romney’s some kind of poor-person hating, warmongering, evil rich white man. Chris Matthews says he’s a racist. For these stupid claims, all you have to do is look at his record. Romney is squeaky clean. His bipartisan efforts – hugely successful – as governor prove that he’s able to work across the board. He’s not interested in blaming the opposing party for preventing government from doing its job. He has proven that he can cross those lines and work alongside liberals to get things accomplished. What a vastly different record from Obama’s – a record that shows a president unwilling to negotiate with the other party, instead shoving through his agenda through executive orders and manipulation.

Jane Edmonds, democrat member of Romney’s cabinet, proves Romney’s ability to work across the party lines:

And I’ll close with something many people probably don’t know about the Romney campaign. The campaign was offered information and testimony from a college friend of Obama that would prove Obama sold and used cocaine in college. The Romney team’s response?

“People who would have taken the information to the highest levels of Romney’s campaign just wouldn’t touch it.”

“The source also added that when told about the cocaine using gossip, the Romney campaign made it clear they did not want the candidate associated with the drug dealing claims in any manner.” (Radar Online source, http://www.inquisitr.com/372821/trump-bombshell-revealed-college-pal-claims-obama-used-and-sold-cocaine-report/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheInquisitrNews+(The+Inquisitr+»+News)

Why? Obama’s campaign has no problem jumping on any possible allegations about Romney it can get its hands on. Harry Reid’s accusation about Romney’s tax returns had no basis in fact whatsoever, but they still used it as a campaign tool. Obama’s ads against Romney have blasted him with false accusations about his activities at Bain Capital, including an ad with a man claiming the death of his wife to cancer was Romney’s fault. So the Obama campaign is fine with indirectly calling Romney a tax cheat and a murderous businessman. Then why won’t the Romney campaign jump on this opportunity to paint Obama as a cocaine dealer?

Integrity. The same reason Romney will not insult the president, to his face or indirectly, in the demeaning and condescending way that Obama does to him. I have been to two Romney rallies, and never has Romney come up with a silly term like “Romnesia” to insult the president. He doesn’t waste his time bashing Obama. What does he do instead? He states with clarity and honesty the truth about the president’s record and agenda. The failures speak for themselves. They do not need to be exhausted with bullying and trash-talk. And then he explains his agenda, because he actually has a plan.

Integrity is the difference between these candidates. It is certainly not the only one, but it is the one that has stood out to me most strongly throughout the past few months. And, God willing, it is the one that will help turn this country around.


2 Responses to “Rambling of the Day: The word on the street – integrity”

  1. George October 25, 2012 at 12:56 am #

    As Dennis Miller said, “I wish Obama would be as vicious to enemy Arab states as he is to Americans who disagree with him.”

    • chelshe October 29, 2012 at 9:19 pm #

      He was in Chesapeake at a Romney rally I went to. Such a cool guy.

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