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Rambling of the Day: The stench of deceit

13 Nov

Do you all smell that? Maybe it’s just me, but Washington reeks of a gigantic, horrific cover-up right now. And everything you’re seeing in the media right now is the attempt to deodorize that awful smell, but it is simply not going away. Be wary and do not let your guard down and for a moment think that this little smokescreen they’re spinning right now is the real deal.

I have no doubt General Petraeus has had an affair with his biographer. He has admitted to it and I accept that it is true. But this affair is not the story, and if the people are buying into it it’s because they have not been paying attention since September 11th of this year, when we lost Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, in a terrorist attack

Let me just go through and outline for you the narrative that the media and the White House has spun since September 11, and you decide for yourself whether you think they’re being totally honest – or if maybe, just maybe, there is a scandal underneath it all.

First, the Obama administration, including the president himself, Jay Carney, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton, told the public that the attack on the Benghazi embassy was a spontaneous attack sparked by an anti-Muslim video made by an American. This narrative was repeated weeks after the attack. The president even made it clear in his speech to the UN on the 25th of September that the video, which was to blame for the spontaneous outrage and attack on the embassy, was deplorable and unrelated to the United States government. Here’s an excerpt of that speech:

“And that is what we saw play out in the last two weeks, where a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world.  Now, I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity.  It is an insult not only to Muslims, but to America as well” (ABC News).

In the Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden defended the president and his administration by saying, “We weren’t told they wanted more security. We did not know they wanted more security there.” That was October 11th, a whole month after the attack, and two weeks after Benghazi was confirmed to have been a terrorist attack, not a spontaneous uprising caused by the video.  The White House finally admitted to the attack being one of terror on September 28th. So even after having to retract their misleading statements to the American people, the administration continued to insist that they “didn’t know” the extent of the problem. Hillary Clinton said the “fog of war” was to blame for the poor communication and the misleading statements made by the administration.

Okay, so you buy it up to this point? Maybe something’s starting to smell fishy? It continues. On October 23, Reuters released information that ripped the administration’s whole story to shreds. It was confirmed that three emails were sent during and after the attack “by the State Department’s Operations Center to multiple government offices, including addresses at the White House, Pentagon, intelligence community and FBI” (Reuters). The first email confirms that the embassy was under attack. The second email reported that the firing had stopped and the compound had been cleared. And the third, sent that very same day, reported that the group Ansar al-Sharia publicly took credit for the attack. Ansar al-Sharia is a Benghazi-based militia group with ties to al Qaeda.

You don’t smell it yet? Here’s another interesting fact: an unmanned drone is confirmed to have been sending real-time footage of the Benghazi attack back to Washington throughout the attack. This was a seven hour-long affair. You really think Obama wasn’t in the Situation Room for, say, a few minutes of that? You think he didn’t read those emails? If you think Obama was unaware of what was happening, are you not admitting that he is so out of touch with his administration that he has to be considered totally incompetent to be Commander-in-Chief? Forbes reported that “Special Operations Forces, transport aircraft and attack fighters were available 480 miles away at the U.S. military base in Sigonella, Sicily, but were never dispatched. An F18 fighter jet blazing in with afterburner thundering to unnerve attackers and take out mortar locations could have reached Benghazi in an hour” (Forbes).

So the emails and the live, real-time footage of the attack were all being sent to and seen by the administrators in the White House. So why did the attack go on for hours and hours with no response save for 22 men sent from Tripoli? “Obama, Panetta and Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, discussed potential responses to the unfolding events in Benghazi during their meeting, which began 78 minutes after the start of the Libya attack, according to the timeline” (Reuters).

Well, we don’t know. We’re being told a lot of conflicting stories, but there has been no satisfying answer to why reinforcements were not sent. Why were the SEALs located a mile away at the CIA annex in Benghazi told to stand down, when they asked for permission to assist those at the embassy? They were a mile away. Who told them they had to stand down? No one will take responsibility for this little detail of the story. Was it Panetta? Was it Obama? Hillary? Who, for God’s sake, told these men that they had to stand down while their fellow Americans were under attack a mile away?

This is the real story. These are the answers the American people want. These are the answers Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods – the heroic SEAL who ignored orders to stand down and instead went to the embassy and gave his life to save others there – would like answered.

But what is the media reporting now? CIA director David Petreaus had an affair. And now he’s resigning, and he does not want to testify in the House hearings on Benghazi. That’s just a coincidence too? Doesn’t smell at all to you? What about if I told you the FBI had been investigating Petreaus’ affair since the summer. So if the FBI knew about his as early as June of this year, why on Earth is this all surfacing now, a week after the presidential elections, and days before Petreaus, who is a key witness for the hearings, was scheduled to testify in the House hearings on the Benghazi attack?

Nothing seems off to you here? This is all just normal, totally explainable, and everything that has happened since September 11th has been coincidental? Yeah, probably; I should really stop buying into these wild conspiracy theories.

Rambling of the Day: Make no mistake – conservatism is alive

8 Nov

Let’s get this first part over with. I’ll admit what everyone who reads my stuff obviously knows – I’m disappointed in the outcome of the election. I predicted a vastly different result, and I was truly surprised as I watched the battleground states, one by one, go blue.

Yes, my heart broke a little bit last night. But not because I’m obsessed with Mitt Romney, and not because I’m a die-hard Republican. The truth is this: I do not have a love affair with the GOP. My goal is not to become a political pundit for the Republican party. I’m in love with good old-fashioned conservative values. I love the Constitution. I have a deep passion for the principles upon which this incredible country was founded, and I don’t believe in compromising on those fundamental beliefs in the name of being “progressive.”

I understand that the American people spoke last night, and they spoke in favor of Barack Obama. This is disheartening to many conservatives. They are greatly disturbed by what they believe to be a majority of Americans abandoning conventional ideas of success with the desire to be spoon-fed by the government. I do not see it this way at all. I know that the entitlement mentality is certainly alive and well in this country, and I realize that many people will simply go to the polls to ensure they continue to receive their food stamps and free Obamaphones. But despite this reality, no, naysayers, conservatism is not dead.

I’m not the only one in this country who believes in the purpose and importance of the Constitution. I’m not the only one who remembers the words of our Founders, who poured their hearts and souls out to give us a foundation upon which to build the greatest country in the world. Sadly, the GOP ticket was unable to get a lot of these believers out of their homes to sign themselves up for the next for years with a Republican president. I’m not going to go into criticizing the strategists of the Romney campaign. There’s no point in that now, and I think they did what they thought was best at the time.

And I don’t agree with those who are trying to say the GOP needs to get on board and be more like the liberals. No, no they do not. They need to be more conservative. They need to go back to basics. No concessions to the things we don’t stand for. We did not get enough of the independents out this time, and we certainly did not get the libertarian vote this time. The libertarians wouldn’t dream of standing with us with the platform we built. The change the Republicans need is not to give up on our fundamental beliefs – it’s to reinforce them. We have got to reemphasize the things that make conservatism work. Limited government. Returning powers to the states. Reducing bureaucracy. Stopping out of control spending. Eliminating unnecessary programs.

We can’t walk away from our fundamental beliefs. More Americans share these beliefs than we might think. The party has underestimated the power of simple Constitution-loving based politics. Have they forgotten that Reagan won 49 states in 1984? He didn’t do that by compromising on his principles. He did that by standing up for his conservative beliefs. His honesty about his conservatism did not destroy him – it is the reason he won overwhelmingly. Twice.

Rambling of the Day: Love of country or revenge – America chooses today!

6 Nov

The Black Panthers are out again (act surprised). There are Obama murals and posters openly displayed inside polling sites. Elected GOP poll inspectors are being thrown out of their assigned stations and replaced with Democrats, in several Philadelphia wards. Bill Clinton has been running around the country calling Mitt Romney a liar. BILL CLINTON wants to talk about having a president that lies… did I miss something?

All-too-predictable chaos has ensued on this Election Day. But there is something stirring that none of these foolish antics can suppress. The people are out. They’re waiting in lines wrapped around buildings, in the freezing November air, patiently seeking their turn to cast their ballots.

Reports are coming out that rural areas are seeing long lines to vote, particularly in Colorado and Ohio, two key swing states. These long lines, especially in rural areas, are proving what I’ve been saying to the people who have been whining about the closeness in the polls – those polls are underestimating conservative turnout. Most of these polls base their sampling not only on a higher percentage of Democrats, but also off the turnout experienced in 2008. Reports today are showing massive increases in turnout in GOP counties, whereas certain Democrat strongholds, like Athens County in Ohio, are seeing much lower turnout.

I don’t care how much anyone loves Obama. They can’t say that their party is as amped up about him as they were four years ago. Chris Matthews hasn’t felt a thrill going up his leg in quite a while. More than anything, Obama’s base seems to be embracing the themes of anger, hatred for the other side, and, in Obama’s own words, “revenge.” Sure, they’ll have some people turn out to vote for that, but do they really think that message is going to resound with the same amount of people as the ideas of “hope and change” did four years ago? Of course not. If they did, they wouldn’t be panicking. They wouldn’t be trying to sabotage polling stations in Philadelphia, because they’d be confident in a blue Pennsylvania.

I certainly don’t know what’s going to happen after the polls close. I still believe, like I’ve been saying for a while, that this will be a big victory for Romney. I think we’re seeing the conservative enthusiasm that led to the massive GOP turnover of the House in 2010. Nothing has happened between 2010 and today that should lessen the desire for conservatives to take back Washington. If anything, I think conservatives are even more determined now than two years ago. If I’m right, that will mean very good things for Romney.

I urge everyone to be patient and diligent and, if they haven’t yet, to get out to the polls. I know the lines are long, but that’s a good thing! Don’t be discouraged by anything you hear about exit polling or premature announcements by the media. It’s the same media that has been underestimating conservatives in every poll and op ed since election season began. Go vote for your principles and make sure your friends are doing the same. Unless they’re Obama zombies, then they can stay home.

Just kidding.

Rambling of the Day: Andrea at it again

2 Nov

My favorite MSNBC host, Andrea Mitchell, has once again painted herself in a beautiful liberal light by criticizing Mitt Romney for – you’ll never guess – collecting donations for hurricane victims.

I’m not entirely sure, because I don’t have her years of journalistic experience, but I don’t think openly criticizing a political figure for his charity efforts is something I would want to be known for. Anyway, if you haven’t heard about this yet, her exact words are: “You’ve got the image of Mitt Romney doing what, they say, is not a campaign event in the same space they were going to hold a campaign event. They say they’re making collections for hurricane and storm relief. We checked with the Red Cross. The Red Cross said, while they’re always grateful for donations, that this is not what they need or want. They always tell people, ‘please donate money, because we have our own packagers, wholesalers’ — they have their own distribution system.”

Okay… so that makes it wrong that Romney was collecting what was reported to be “flashlights, batteries, diapers, toothbrushes, mini-deodorants, fleece blankets, cereal, toilet paper and canned goods.” Andrea Mitchell, once again, needs to step out of her insane partisan box and take a real look at what is happening on the hurricane-stricken eastern shore. The Red Cross doesn’t want donations?? Well, fine, but you know who does want food and clothing right now? How about the people in Staten Island whose homes are utterly destroyed, who are freezing, and are desperately in need of food and clothing? I think they might disagree with Ms. Mitchell’s assessment on what is needed right now in the midst of this huge crisis.

And furthermore, she needs to look at what the people being affected by all of this think about the Red Cross and their monetary donations. Jim Molinaro, borough president of Staten Island, said today, “This is America, not a third world nation. We need food, we need clothing… My advice to the people of Staten Island is: Don’t donate the American Red Cross. Put their money elsewhere.”

The Red Cross took until Tuesday to get to the 80,000 without power in Staten Island, many of those people being now homeless. There are even people dumpster diving in New York, desperately trying to find food.

Now, maybe I’m wrong, but I would argue that these people diving into trash cans, so hungry they are willing to fish food out of the garbage, would disagree with the criticism against Romney’s efforts to collect non-monetary donations. They might, dare I say, actually appreciate such a charitable act. It might seem a little more useful and practical to them than the president’s advice to go online if they have questions about what to do. Apparently Romney’s act of charity is a bigger political gaffe than the president’s speech, in which he advised victims of the storm to visit governmental websites for help. Even though most of them don’t have power. Okay…

On a non-bashing-crazy-Andrea note, my thoughts and prayers go out to those being affected in these areas. I believe in the strength and charity of the good people of this country, and I have faith that the resolve of the great American people will get everyone through this. I hope we all realize that our fellow Americans need our generosity and our prayers right now, and I urge everyone to do what they can to help out in this time of need.

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