Rambling of the Day: Love of country or revenge – America chooses today!

6 Nov

The Black Panthers are out again (act surprised). There are Obama murals and posters openly displayed inside polling sites. Elected GOP poll inspectors are being thrown out of their assigned stations and replaced with Democrats, in several Philadelphia wards. Bill Clinton has been running around the country calling Mitt Romney a liar. BILL CLINTON wants to talk about having a president that lies… did I miss something?

All-too-predictable chaos has ensued on this Election Day. But there is something stirring that none of these foolish antics can suppress. The people are out. They’re waiting in lines wrapped around buildings, in the freezing November air, patiently seeking their turn to cast their ballots.

Reports are coming out that rural areas are seeing long lines to vote, particularly in Colorado and Ohio, two key swing states. These long lines, especially in rural areas, are proving what I’ve been saying to the people who have been whining about the closeness in the polls – those polls are underestimating conservative turnout. Most of these polls base their sampling not only on a higher percentage of Democrats, but also off the turnout experienced in 2008. Reports today are showing massive increases in turnout in GOP counties, whereas certain Democrat strongholds, like Athens County in Ohio, are seeing much lower turnout.

I don’t care how much anyone loves Obama. They can’t say that their party is as amped up about him as they were four years ago. Chris Matthews hasn’t felt a thrill going up his leg in quite a while. More than anything, Obama’s base seems to be embracing the themes of anger, hatred for the other side, and, in Obama’s own words, “revenge.” Sure, they’ll have some people turn out to vote for that, but do they really think that message is going to resound with the same amount of people as the ideas of “hope and change” did four years ago? Of course not. If they did, they wouldn’t be panicking. They wouldn’t be trying to sabotage polling stations in Philadelphia, because they’d be confident in a blue Pennsylvania.

I certainly don’t know what’s going to happen after the polls close. I still believe, like I’ve been saying for a while, that this will be a big victory for Romney. I think we’re seeing the conservative enthusiasm that led to the massive GOP turnover of the House in 2010. Nothing has happened between 2010 and today that should lessen the desire for conservatives to take back Washington. If anything, I think conservatives are even more determined now than two years ago. If I’m right, that will mean very good things for Romney.

I urge everyone to be patient and diligent and, if they haven’t yet, to get out to the polls. I know the lines are long, but that’s a good thing! Don’t be discouraged by anything you hear about exit polling or premature announcements by the media. It’s the same media that has been underestimating conservatives in every poll and op ed since election season began. Go vote for your principles and make sure your friends are doing the same. Unless they’re Obama zombies, then they can stay home.

Just kidding.


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