Rambling of the Day: Make no mistake – conservatism is alive

8 Nov

Let’s get this first part over with. I’ll admit what everyone who reads my stuff obviously knows – I’m disappointed in the outcome of the election. I predicted a vastly different result, and I was truly surprised as I watched the battleground states, one by one, go blue.

Yes, my heart broke a little bit last night. But not because I’m obsessed with Mitt Romney, and not because I’m a die-hard Republican. The truth is this: I do not have a love affair with the GOP. My goal is not to become a political pundit for the Republican party. I’m in love with good old-fashioned conservative values. I love the Constitution. I have a deep passion for the principles upon which this incredible country was founded, and I don’t believe in compromising on those fundamental beliefs in the name of being “progressive.”

I understand that the American people spoke last night, and they spoke in favor of Barack Obama. This is disheartening to many conservatives. They are greatly disturbed by what they believe to be a majority of Americans abandoning conventional ideas of success with the desire to be spoon-fed by the government. I do not see it this way at all. I know that the entitlement mentality is certainly alive and well in this country, and I realize that many people will simply go to the polls to ensure they continue to receive their food stamps and free Obamaphones. But despite this reality, no, naysayers, conservatism is not dead.

I’m not the only one in this country who believes in the purpose and importance of the Constitution. I’m not the only one who remembers the words of our Founders, who poured their hearts and souls out to give us a foundation upon which to build the greatest country in the world. Sadly, the GOP ticket was unable to get a lot of these believers out of their homes to sign themselves up for the next for years with a Republican president. I’m not going to go into criticizing the strategists of the Romney campaign. There’s no point in that now, and I think they did what they thought was best at the time.

And I don’t agree with those who are trying to say the GOP needs to get on board and be more like the liberals. No, no they do not. They need to be more conservative. They need to go back to basics. No concessions to the things we don’t stand for. We did not get enough of the independents out this time, and we certainly did not get the libertarian vote this time. The libertarians wouldn’t dream of standing with us with the platform we built. The change the Republicans need is not to give up on our fundamental beliefs – it’s to reinforce them. We have got to reemphasize the things that make conservatism work. Limited government. Returning powers to the states. Reducing bureaucracy. Stopping out of control spending. Eliminating unnecessary programs.

We can’t walk away from our fundamental beliefs. More Americans share these beliefs than we might think. The party has underestimated the power of simple Constitution-loving based politics. Have they forgotten that Reagan won 49 states in 1984? He didn’t do that by compromising on his principles. He did that by standing up for his conservative beliefs. His honesty about his conservatism did not destroy him – it is the reason he won overwhelmingly. Twice.


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