Rambling of the Day: Free to be gay

11 Dec


Okay, yes, I’m finally going to talk about gay marriage. It seems an appropriate time, as it has just become legal in Washington state. So here’s my take on it in a nutshell. I am fairly confident that within the next decade, gay marriage will be federally lawful.

I am not going to go deeply into my personal views on the concept of homosexuality. Simply, I take the Bible as God’s word, and I dare not disagree with my Creator. That being said, I do not believe my personal opinions about the morality of homosexuality have any place in the conversation about individual liberty and the American dream. America was created as a land free from the oppression of a government that wanted to force the people to believe a certain way. So how have we created a land of equality if we tell people they can’t get married to whoever they please? It’s fairly simple – we have not. (Edit: “Whoever they please” to include only people, weirdos. And only people of legal age, obviously.)

Now, that being said, I don’t actually agree with the idea of having federal law in place that says yay or nay to gay marriage. As a firm advocate for the Constitution of our country, I believe in the sovereignty of states to determine what they will allow. However, I do believe it will be considered by the Supreme Court very soon and a decision will be made that will determine federal law.

So here is the other part of the equation. Regardless of what the law of the land is, I know a good portion of the country will still not be in agreement as to the morality of homosexuality – not just gay marriage, but the entire concept of homosexuality. Honestly, though, I really urge that if you don’t agree with the personal choices of these individuals, that you simply refrain from participating in what you do not agree with and teach your children accordingly. Your home is your domain – that is where you can either teach your children that homosexuality is right or wrong. This all comes back to the individual’s freedom to raise his children the way he chooses. It is about your personal choices in your own home – not about forcing your way of life on others.

Before someone misunderstands me, let me clarify that I am in no way advocating intolerance. That is a whole different topic itself. But when I say teach your kids accordingly, I do not mean that if you don’t agree with homosexuality you tell your kids to shun gay people or go all Westboro Baptist on them. Not at all – part of the American dream that goes along with individual liberty is tolerance for the individual liberty of others. You can disagree with someone’s beliefs and practices and still respect him as a person. You can even – gasp – be friends with him! I know, crazy concepts here.

And to touch upon one last concept… people always bring up the idea of gay couples raising children. Firstly, there’s no real evidence that concludes that being raised by gay parents damages a child. And secondly, if you’re having trouble with that concept, ask yourself which is worse: being raised by gay parents or having no parents? Gay people cannot procreate, which means a lot of them will opt to adopt children. And guess what? That’s a good thing. Two moms is highly preferable to no moms. Ask the thousands of kids in the United States waiting to be adopted.


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