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Rambling of the Day: A “collective notion” of our children

14 Apr

It’s been about a week now since I heard of the death of the inspirational and wonderful Margaret Thatcher. Her departure is a tragic loss to the world, but I’m sure the woman of iron will is loving her new home as much as she loved her country.

Obviously, I could go on and on about my love for Margaret Thatcher, but I’m not going to. I think, as a lover of freedom and a harsh critic of the idiocy of socialism, she would find this more important.

In a sick twist of irony, I heard about this ad by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry on the same day I heard of Lady Thatcher’s passing. Before I say anything, just read it or listen to it, if you haven’t yet. I apologize for any ensuing stomach sickness that may result.

“We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had kind of a private notion of children.  Your kid is yours and totally your responsibility.  We haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children.  So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.” Melissa Harris-Perry, “Lean Forward”

This is the epitome of everything I fear as a parent raising my child in a backwards society ruled by elitists who learned nothing from the failure of communism… The idea that they will dig their fingers so far into our private lives that they will have influence over our children. Honestly though, it doesn’t amaze me that this is Perry’s belief system. I’ve heard plenty of MSNBC’s rhetoric – the idea of collectivism isn’t shocking to me. What’s amazing to me is how blatant she is about it. At least when these people try to pretend to be moderate it’s less obvious how insane they are. But apparently now they have no reason to be moderate, which tells me they are confident that enough people have accepted the nanny state that they can get away with saying these kinds of things. With a spoon-fed society in place, the extreme socialist agenda has no need to hide behind the veil of being moderate.

Maybe this doesn’t bother some parents. Maybe some parents are applauding Perry, thinking – Wow, society is going to take care of my children. Perfect, less pressure on me. Maybe some people are naïve enough to buy into the idea that their children belong to whole communities – that they are other people’s responsibility as much as theirs.

I have a message for Perry, and anyone else who tries to shove this collectivist agenda down my throat. My daughter does not belong to you or to any community. I carried her for nine months, I stayed up with her night after endless night as she cried; I watched her take her first steps, heard the sweet moment when she first called me “mama.” And I can tell you with complete certainty that the “private idea that kids belong to their parents” is something you will never eek out of me, nor out of any other parent with any kind of sense of personal responsibility and love for her children. And no, this is not the assertion of a crazed, redneck freak holed off from society, bashing her kids over the head with a Bible and an American flag (seriously, I’m pretty sure that’s how the socialists tell each other conservatives act). It is simply the cry of a mother passionate about the incredible privilege she has been given to be parent of a beautiful little human being – a human being that literally came out of her. My daughter is, in every sense, a part of me. Forgive me if I feel that she is mine and not the community’s.

To those of you with kids that are still not getting it… well, first of all, maybe you should read a different blog. But no, really, let’s break this down a little further. Think about everything else we allow the government to control. Our money? Public education? Relations with other countries? Uh, hello – the DMV?!

The government can be trusted to handle very little with efficiency. It gets too big, too bureaucratic, and things get incredibly messy. Our government was never intended to have a scope that included butting into people’s private lives – and yes, raising your kids is part of that. That is not the government’s job. Nor should you want it to be! We need to stop allowing these talking heads to seduce us with the promise of having less responsibility. It is buying into such notions that runs entire nations into the ground.

Being a parent is a privilege incomparable to anything else in life. It is probably the most meaningful thing you will ever do. So do it well. Don’t allow people like this to belittle your role in your child’s life. You are, and should be, the biggest influence in your children’s lives. It is your job to see to it that they grow up right – not the state’s.

“We want a society where people are free to make choices, to make mistakes, to be generous and compassionate. This is what we mean by a moral society; not a society where the State is responsible for everything, and no one is responsible for the State.”  Margaret Thatcher, “The New Renaissance”

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